Premier extrait du prochain et dernier album de PANPHAGE en écoute

C'est le 12 janvier prochain que sortira le nouvel album Jord du projet solo Panphage (Black Metal - Suède) sur le label Nordvis. Album qui scelle la fin du projet puisqu’il a décidé de splitter.

"Toiling in the underground for over a decade before his first full-length, 2015's "Storm", sole musician Fjällbrandt, much like Jord - the giantess and mother of the god of thunder - gave birth to lightning and took the black metal world quite literally… by storm. Now on his third and final album, "Jord", an ode to heritage and to the death and rebirth of earth, Panphage continues his meditations on Swedish folk songs which came before him -- black metal which feels as ancient as the stories which fuel it. Still as furious as ever, but wiser now, Fjällbrandt's force continues to focus; a hidden enormity driving through the blistering snow and cracked earth which shaped his art."


01. Odalmarkerna
02. Måtte dessa bygder brinna
03. Ygg (En visa om julen)
04. Skadinawjo
05. Den tyste åsen
06. Som man sår får man skörda
07. Osådda skall åkrarna växa (Outro)

Découvrez le premier extrait 'Odalmarkerna':