Un nouvel extrait pour CRIPPER

Les thrashers allemands de Cripper ont dévoilé un second titre de leur nouvel album Follow Me: Kill! qui sortira le 15 septembre prochain chez Metal Blade Records aux formats CD, vinyle et digital.

Après "Pressure", "Into The Fire" s'écoute ci-dessous.

Et voici également les mots de la vocaliste du groupBritta Görtz à propos du concept de ce titre :

"Attention has become such an asset, that it overshadows true meaning and content. Big mouths saying big words, everyone is demanding "Follow Me" in one way or the other. The ones with the loudest voices seem to get all the attention, while at the same time politicians are blind to what's going on around them - they are following their own agenda, leading us right "Into The Fire". Metaphorically speaking: "Let the pigs feast on pigs, raise your own voice instead, make yourself heard - wherever you are on this planet! Take action and unite against hate, racism and history-repeating!"


01. Pressure
02. Into The Fire
03. World Coming Down
04. Mother
05. Shoot Or Get Shot
06. Bleeding Red
07. Comatose
08. Pretty Young Thing
09. Running High
10. Menetekel