Streaming intégral du prochain album de GNAW THEIR TONGUES

Le groupe de Black Metal / Expérimental Noise néerlandais, Gnaw Their Tongues sortira son nouvel album, "Hymns for the Broken, Swollen and Silent" ConSouling Sounds le 9 Décembre en format LP. Il sera disponible via Tartarus Records en format K7 et en CD via Crucial Blast.

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Tracklist :

01. Hold High the Banners of Truth Among the Swollen Dead - 05:04
02. The Speared Promises - 04:10
03. Frail as the Stalking Lions - 04:32
04. Your Kingdom Shrouded in Blood - 05:57
05. Silent Burned Atrocities - 04:28
06. Hymn for the Broken, Swollen and Silent - 05:19
07. I Have Clad the Pillar in the Flayed Skins - 04:21
08. Our Mouths Ridden with Worms - 05:52