Clan of Xymox en concert à Paris en novembre !

Bonne nouvelle pour le public gothique parisien, la légendaire formation de dark wave Clan of Xymox sera de passage au Petit Bain le jeudi 17 novembre ! Ils seront accompagnés par Des Âmes Libres et AVGVST !

Préventes : 22€
Sur place : 25€

Description des groupes :

(cold wave - Allemagne/ Pays Bas)

Since their formation in their native Holland their music has been constantly changing, always challenging and often quite breathtaking. Some of us have always been of the opinion that XYMOX are something special. A band fired by electronic music but determined, always, to make something that is very much their own. They are unique.

(post punk - France/Espagne)

Des Ames Libres use lots of technology but not in a predictable way. There is an exhaustive work in the search of a “humanization” of the electronic material they use: analogue devices from the 70s to the most updated virtual instruments like the Ipad. All them are treated in the same way, trying to give a particular touch to each sound. If besides we add other conventional instruments like electric bass and guitars, you’ll have all the tools they need to make their claustrophobic, enraged, heavy, electric, dense, intense and powerful atmospheres.

(porn wave - France)

A V G V S T is an independent postwave band based in Paris. After two digital releases in the 00s, instrumental post-rock oriented, A V G V S T gets back to his primary influences: post-punk and shoegazing, with obsidious cloudy waves, guitars full of chorus and flanger, and ghostly treated voices singing odes to Socialism saints, cowardice and the pain of still being 18 and alone.