Napalm Death annule sa venue au Blastfest après l'ajout de KPN

C'était couru d'avance mais c'est maintenant officiel, Napalm Death a annulé sa venue au BlastFest 2017 suite à l'ajout de Peste Noire (KPN) à l'affiche. Le groupe préférant rester fidèle aux valeurs qu'il prône depuis les années 80's.

Voici le communiqué du Festival :

" As we see many have been speculating about on our page, you were right. Napalm Death has decided to cancel their show at Blastfest next year. We are about the music here, and we welcome everyone with pure intentions to come and have fun in Bergen, but we do respect NDs decision, and welcome them back for another year of course. More bands will be announced soon!"