Underground | Trois albums de Blut aus Nord réédités

Avant de signer chez Debenur Morti, le projet de Black Metal français Blut aus Nord officiait chez Candlelignt Records. Celui-ci a décidé de rééditer 3 albums du groupe. Cette compilation comprendra les albums "Memoria Vetusta 1 & 2" ainsi que "Ultima Thulée". et sera disponible dès le 22 Juin 2015. 

CD 1 (Ultima Thulée)
1. The Son Of Hoarfrost
2. The Plain Of Ida
3. From Hlidskjalf
4. My Prayer Beyond Ginnungagap
5. Till I Perceive Bifrost
6. On The Way To Vigrid
7. Rigsthula
8. The Last Journey Of Ringhorn

CD 2 (Memoria Vetusta)
1. Slaughterday (The Heathen Blood Of Ours)
2. On The Path Of Wolf… Towards Dwarfhill
3. Sons Of Wisdom, Master Of Elements
4. The Forsaken Voices Of The Ghostwood’s Shadowy Realm
5. The Territory Of Witches / Guardians Of The Dark Lake
6. Day Of Revenge (The Impure Blood Of Theirs)
7. Father Of The Icy Age

CD 3 (Memoria Vetusta vol.2 - A Dialogue With The Stars)
1. Acceptance (aske)
2. Disciples Libration (Lost In The Nine Worlds)
3. The Cosmic Echoes Of Non-Matter (Immaterial Voices Of The Fathers)
4. Translucent Body Of Air (Sutta Anapanasati)
5. Antithesis Of The Flesh (...And Then Arises A New Essence)
6. ....The Meditant (Dialogue With The Stars)
7. The Alcove Of Angels (Vipassana)
8. The Formless Sphere (Beyond The Reason)
9. Elevation