Info inutile | Designers, Darkspace en appelle à votre contribution artistique

Le groupe d'ambiant/Atmospherique BlackMetal Suisse Darkspace a peut être un travail pour vous.

"announcement addressed to all those with a drawing skill, a certain aesthetic taste and an obsession for Darkspace: we are looking for a designer able to create drawings for the vinyl release serie of Darkspace. If you already own copies of the previously released "Dark Space -I" and "Dark Space I" vinyls, we are talking about the inner gatefold drawings (see pics attached here).
The style doesn't have to match those two at all costs, but what is demanded is that your work must not be the typical digitally created, modern computer graphics space-themed pictures, thus the two photos here attached *are*, in a way, a clear example.
The work(s) will be paid. but before you engage yourself in days of work for nothing, please just send us some samples of previous works, or a basic sketch idea of what you would propose to the band. Final drawings must be approx 60x30 cm (or proportional 2x) but for now and for selection purposes we are ok with smaller portion of it or a little drawing. (re. "Darkspace LPs artworks")"-

En résumé, vous aimez Darkspace, ça tombe bien, le groupe est a la recherche d'un designer capable de créer des dessins pour les sorties Vinyl de "Darkspace -I" et "Darkspace I" (les dessins intérieurs, voir photos ci-dessous).
si vous êtes intéressé et pour plus d'informations vous pouvez vous adresser à