Ré-édition de toute la discographie de Nachtmystium en format K7

Blake Judd, tête pensante de Nachtmystium vient d'annoncer la signature d'un deal avec le label allemand I.K. Productions pour rééditer l'intégralité de la discographie du groupe en format K7.
Soit au total quinze Tapes. Elles seront toutes limitées à 100 exemplaires. La première production du groupe à passer sur ce format sera l'EP "Doomsday Derelicts" sorti initialement en 2009.

Voici la liste complète des rééditions : "The First Attacks: Demos 2000-2001", "Reign Of the Malicious", "Nachtmystium", "Demise", "Eulogy IV", "Instinct: Decay", "Worldfall", "Assassins: Black Meddle Pt. 1", "Doomsday Derelicts", "Addicts: Black Meddle Pt. II", "Silencing Machine", "The World We Left Behind", "Live at Roadburn MMX", et la compile de reprises "Under Cover".

Vous pouvez lire ci-dessous le communiqué du leader :

Another new NACHTMYSTIUM announcement concerning new releases! In conspiracy with I.K. Productions, Germany – the entire Nachtmystium back catalog all the way up through and including “The World We Left Behind” will be being released on limited edition cassettes limited to 100 units apiece! First in line for release is the very hard-to-find “Doomsday Derelicts” EP (limited CD pressings in North America and Europe are both long ago sold out and the LP ltd. to 500 copies has been sold out for over two years, so aside from digitally, this release is pretty much impossible to get a new copy of anywhere these days, hence why we’ve chosen to release it first) It is unclear at this time what the order of releases will be after “Doomsday Derelicts” is released, but just to clarify, there will be cassettes of the following titles: “The First Attacks: Demos 2000-2001” LP, “Reign Of the Malicious” LP, “Nachtmystium” MLP, “Demise” LP, “Eulogy IV” MLP, “Instinct: Decay” LP, “Worldfall” MLP, “Assassins: Black Meddle Pt. 1” LP, “Doomsday Derelicts” MLP, “Addicts: Black Meddle Pt. II” LP, “Silencing Machine” LP, “The World We Left Behind” LP, “Live at Roadburn MMX” LP, the soon-to-be-released “Under Cover” covers collection LP, and finally a collection of all of our tracks from the 7″ releases including the splits with Xasthur, Krieg and Murmur along with the tracks from the “As Made” 7″ EP. All in all, FIFTEEN cassette releases! I am extremely honored to have a label making such a commitment to ensuring our music is all available on a format that we have very rarely released our music on since the days of our demos. Add the I.K. Productions facebook page to your friends at www.facebook.com/MagnvmKhaos for updates on the availability of these cassette releases or watch the Nachtmystium page for news concerning these as well. BEHOLD THE NACHTMYSTIUM ANALOG INVASION!!! m/