R.I.P. Björn Jason Lindh

Le pianiste et flûtiste suédois qui avait apporté sa contribution à l'album "Heritage" d'Opeth, mais aussi à des films comme "Mannen på taket" (1976) ou encore "Jägarna" (1996) est décédé le 21 décembre dernier à cause d'une tumeur cérébrale. Toutes nos condoléances vont à sa famille et à ses proches. Le communiqué de Mikael Åkerfeldt est à lire ci-dessous :

"Today, Saturday 21st of December I'm reached by the horrible news that Björn J.son Lindh has made the final journey. Even if I knew he was very ill I can't understand it. Not only was he an idol of mine, he also contributed some immortal playing to the "Heritage" record. I spent a few hours with him, and thought he was the coolest dude ever. His music lives on. I still listen to his solo records with great joy. J.son was an institution to the Swedish music scene. Our collective condolences goes out to his loved ones. I am currently taken aback by sadness of his passing and I'm drinking a glass of wine to his honor, listening to "Ramadan". Björn, i didn't really know you, but yet I did. Your music is in my DNA. You will live on. Lots of love from the Opeth camp."