Détails du prochain Live de Dream Theater

Dream Theater sortira demain son "Live at Luna Park". Il sera disponible en trois CD, double DVD et en Blu-ray.


01- Bridges in the Sky
02- 6:00
03- The Dark Eternal Night
04- This is the Life
05- The Root of all Evil
06- Lost Not Forgotten
07- Drum Solo
08- A Fortune in Lies
09- The Silent Man
10- Beneath the Surface
11- Outcry
12- Piano Solo
13- Surrounded
14- On The Backs of Angels
15- War Inside My Head
16- The Test that Stumped Them All
17- Guitar Solo
18- The Spirit Carries On
19- Breaking All Illusions
20- Metropolis pt. 1

(Played live 19th Aug 2012)

21- These Walls
22- Build Me Up, Break Me Down
23- Caught in a Web
24- Wait for Sleep
25- Far from Heaven
26- Pull Me Under

(Played live 20th Aug 2012)