Le DVD Live "We're Going to Hollywood for This - Live Perversions" de Carpathian Forest en Streaming intégral

Le Live de Carpathian Forest, "We're Going to Hollywood for This - Live Perversions" sorti en 2004 est en Streaming intégral sur Youtube en qualité professionelle. Voici le détails du DVD

01. Intro I (Taken from Strange Old Brew)
02. Sadomasochistic
03. Bloodcleansing
04. Intro II (Taken from Defending The Throne of Evil)
05. It's Darker Than You Think
06. Skjend Hans Lik
07. The Well of All Human Tears
08. Mask of the Slave
09. Morbid Fascination of Death
10. Return of the Freezing Winds
11. I Am Possessed
12. Intro III (Taken from Black Shining Leather)
13. Black Shining Leather
14. Carpathian Forest
15. He's Turning Blue
16. Nuclear Fucking Death Machine
17. Knokkelmann
18. Bloodlust and Perversion
19. Outro (Taken from We're Going to Hell for This)