Du changement dans le line-up de Chrome Division

Deux membres de Chrome Division ont quitté le groupe : le bassiste Burn Luna et le lead guitare Ricky Black. Ils ont été remplacés par Ogee pour la basse, il assurait la basse/guitare pour les live de Chrome Division ; Karlsen Damage (membre de Breed) pour le lead guitare. 
Chrome Division continue de travailler son futur album.

Et voici le communiqué (non traduit) du groupe posté sur leur Facebook officiel :

"When a bottle of Jack is dry, out & empty, you have to replace it with fresh new ones in order for the party to keep on going!

Mr. Burn Luna, our long time bass player, increased members of his family some time ago and wanted to shift focus in his life.
All respect to our musical brother ever since the inception back in 2004. We wish him all the best.
Luna will work with us from behind the curtains of doom, and contribute on the lyrical side of things in the future.

Ricky Black left us a while ago due to personal issues. Thanks for all the good times. Keep those licks going.

For a while we have been working heavily on the new album with our new permanent members.
Our new bass player Ogee has been filling out as session live-guitarist/bassist for a long time and is now onboard for the ride.
The perfect successor and a natural choice to welcome into the ranks.

On lead guitar we present to you the extremely talented Damage Karlsen of former Breed fame.
Shoes hard to fill, but he damn near broke the mold!

Both guys are an inspiring addition to the song writing process and the new material smells like burnt rubber!

Prepare for the new coming

Doomsday rock n` roll forever!"