Unleashed nouvelle Lyrics Vidéo

Unleashed vient de mettre en ligne la Lyrics Vidéo du morceau "The Rise Of The Maya Warriors" extrait de leur prochain opus "Odalheim". Sortie prévu le 20 Avril.

Voici ce que pense le Chanteur et Bassiste du groupe, Johnny Hedlund du morceau:
"After years of struggle and toil against the armies of White Christ, the Midgard Warriors went across the open sea to gather the battalions there, and to build an army big enough to fight in the final stand," rails lead hornblower Johnny Hedlund. "At the end of the (Vinland) North American journey, the Midgard Warriors and their growing armies traveled through the Sierra Madre and into Central America to meet with the Toltecs, Olmecs, Aztecs and others. It seemed they had all joined forces to build a rebellion against White Christ. They were now known as the Maya Warriors. We joined for Blot and Celebrations to our common task and for life long freindship. We had now grown to be a very respectful army of warriors that set off to the European continent again..."