Sortie et streaming intégral du nouvel album de FIRE-TOOLZ


 Le one-woman band d'Experimental Grindcore / Electro Noise Fire-Toolz dévoile en intégralité son nouvel album Breeze. L'album est sorti le 5 Juillet 2024. 

Tracklist :

01. Everything & Everywhere Is Grace; Heaven Is A Decision I Must Make (feat. Sam Greenfield)
02. To Every Squirrel Who Has Ever Been Hit By A Car, I’m Sorry & I Love You. (feat. Nylist, Lipsticism)
03. That makes a lot of sense. Given what you've been through.
04. Window 2 Window 2 Window 2 Window 2 Window 2 Window (feat. Cole Pulice)
05. The Envy Of The Heavenly Powers - 02:02
06. Sibling Sun, Sibling Moon, White Concrete Steeped In Celestial Light
07. Thin Neck Of The Woods
08. Labyrinthian EMDR
09. RE: Official Request For Reciprocal Indwelling Procedure - 02:09
10. ambient, ambient electronic, abstract, avant-garde, noise, sound collage, black metal, - Asparagus Pee, SETI, & The Gift Of Tears
11. A Considerate Amount Of Pining, An Invasive Species Of Spiritual Anguish, Some Kind Of Knot To Tie, Sitting Tight, Peering Between Planks, Palms Are Sweaty, Mom’s Spaghetti (feat. Joseph Trahan)
12. It Is Happening Again (Enmeshment As A Winged Spindle)
13. The Pain-Body (Child Synergy Tears) (feat. Jordan Reed, Nick Krueger)
14. Removed From Everything & Everywhere Is Grace (feat. COCOJOEY)