Sortie et streaming intégral du nouveau NOTTURNO

Le projet DSBM de l'italien Vittorio Sabelli (Dawn of a Dark Age, Incantvm, A.M.E.N), Notturno, vient de sortir son nouvel album Inside via Hypnotic Dirge Records. Il est disponible aux formats CD, LP ainsi qu'en digital et il se découvre en streaming intégral ci-dessous.

Le label décrit l'album comme étant une création qui nous enveloppe jusqu'au désespoir : "The rich textures and nocturnal mood of the debut remains but on "Inside" the sound is developed further with some elements that weren't present previously, crafting an enveloping soundtrack to despair through the use of buzzsaw guitars, haunting piano, and even orchestral instruments that blend seamlessly and float in and out as required creating droning introspection and emotional crescendos in equal measure. As with on "Obsessions", this structure serves as the base for the exasperated and desperate vocals of Kjiel (Eyelessight), this time around being joined by a guest vocalist Davide Straccione [Shores of Null]

L'artwork est une photographie de Riccardo Ziosi et met en scène ma modèle Petra Adranno.


01. Peace - 02:38
02. Autumn Leaves - 09:16 
03. Obsessions - 08:35 
04. Once Again - 07:32 
05. No Passion - 08:52