IMMORTAL dévoile un nouvel extrait de son prochain album


La formation norvégienne culte Immortal (Black Metal) a dévoilé un nouvel extrait de son prochain album War Against All qui sortira le 26 Mai prochain via Nuclear Blast.

Après le titre "War Against All", découvrez ci-dessous "Wargod".

L'album a été produit à Bergen, en Norvège, aux studios Earshot & Conclave (EnslavedGorgorothWardruna etc.). L'artwork lui est signé par l'artiste suédois Mattias Frisk (Ereb AltorGhostKing of Asgard etc.).

Demonaz, déclare : "Immortal continues the style that was established and defined on our very first records. It ́s fast, furious, epic, and mighty Blashyrkh metal - the one and only way! [...] It´s got that cold biting guitar sound, yet powerful production.
Immortal have never compromised on the original vision, which is taking fans on a journey through Blashyrkh with our most grim and dark music, with every new release. These songs are no exception to this. I am proud of the final result, it ́s got a distinct expression, and I can ́t wait to let the fans hear it!"

Tracklist :

01. War Against All
02. Thunders Of Darkness
03. Wargod
04. No sun
05. Return To Cold
06. Norlandihr
07. Immortal 
08. Blashyrkh My Throne