Détails et extrait du prochain OSI AND THE JUPITER

Le one-man band de Neo Folk US, Osi And The Jupiter sortira son nouvel album Cedar and Sage: Riders of the Gallows Vol. 1 le 21 Avril prochain via Eisenwald. Il sera disponible aux formats CD, LP et digital.

Un premier extrait est à découvrir ci-dessous il s'agit du titre "Unto These Hills". Il est accompagné de l'artwork de l'album signé Jeff Kastelic de Deaths Dust. A propos de ce titre Osi and the Jupiter explique : "This song is about overcoming life’s obstacles and learning from your past. Getting through hard times and finding a spiritual awakening. Lighting a fire inside one’s self and treading this path. For me, it’s going to these mountains and finding my awakening there and coming back a better person inside and out."

On retrouvera dans l'album de nombreux guests comme : Dan Capp (Wolcensmen, Ex-Winterfylleth), Erik Moggridge (Aerial Ruin, Bell Witch, Stygian Bow), Shawn Haché (Tithe, Night Profound) ou encore le projet tchèque Nemuer.

Tracklist :

01. Devoured Sun (feat. Nemuer)
02. Afterlight
03. Abyssal Woods (feat. Tithe)
04. Cedar and Sage
05. The Old Ones Speak Through the Trees
06. Deathflower (Hunter of the Night)
07. Trails That Hold
08. Unto These Hills
09. Out of the Darkness and into the Fire
10. Hollowed (feat. Aerial Ruin)
11. The Wilder We Were (feat. Wolcensmen)