Nouvel extrait du prochain album de SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY


Le groupe de Math/Death/Grind du Michigan See You Next Tuesday dévoile un nouvel extrait de son prochain album Distractions. L'album est prévu pour le 17 Février 2023 via Good Fight. 

Tracklist :

01. How Insensitive
02. What A Funny Girl You Used To Be
03. Hey Look, No Crying
04. Why Can't You Behave
05. Glad To Be Unhappy
06. I'll Never Be The Same
07. I'll Never Smile Again
08. Day In The Life Of A Fool
09. Call Me Irresponsible
10. This Happy Madness
11. I Had The Craziest Dream
12. That's What God Looks Like To Me
13. Strange Music