Streaming intégral du nouveau KOMOOTRA (๛)

Le projet thaïlandais de Black / Funeral Doom Metal Komootra () vient de dévoiler son nouvel EP éponyme. Il sortira le 3 Février prochain au format physique via Non Self Supremacy en attendant il se découvre en streaming intégral ci-dessous.

L'artwork est une œuvre de l'artiste indien, Adim Ashtakam. 

Le label décrit l'offrande à venir en ces mots : "Immersed in foul rotting inflictions of mortal pain, ๛ (KOMOOTRA) is a duo audial unit hailing from Siam. Initially conceived and ritualized in MMX by Inducer of Misanthropic Genocide, ๛'s former era was centralized around dark ambient, drone and noise outputs, releasing audial pieces of filth focusing on Siamese occultism and ritualistic themes, until it was buried into hiatus in MMXIII. The act was then resurrected in MMXXII with the summoning of Inquisitor of Kali Yuga, returning through this debut self-titled two-track EP. A putrid upheaval intertwining raw black metal and funeral doom, ๛ forebodes impending filth, degeneration and torture.".

Tracklist :

01. Degeneration Of Mortal Sinew - 11:38 
02. Praying For Serenity (Under The Arms Of Ashened Skies) - 17:26