Sortie et streaming intégral du nouveau HOUKAGO GRIND TIME

Le one-man band américain de Weeb Goregrind "J-Pop", Houkago Grind Time vient de sortir son nouvel album intitulé Houkago Grind Time 2: The Second Raid. Il est disponible aux formats CD via Obliteration Records, LP chez les labels Outrageous Weeb Power Productions, To Live a Lie, et Grindfather Productions ainsi qu'en K7 sur Acid Redux Productions et digital, il se découvre ci-dessous.

Andrew Lee (Ripped to Shreds) explique son idée derrière cet album : "This second season of HOUKAGO GRIND TIME takes the prototypical approach of a television series reattempting to mature by bringing in darker and edgier elements, so as to be taken utmosteriously by the listener. Concordantly, the lyrical content of each decomposition has been irrevocably altered in the pursuition of greater artistic pinnacalities. The eventuality of my sincerest efforts have uplifted the vocal ejaculations from banal caveman contemplatantions on the unmundane vagaries of human existence to impertinent examinations of the Hobbesian ideal of what lies beyond and that hereditamentality of which is to come... or in simpler words, the power of anime compels you."

Tracklist :

01. It's Time to M-M-M-Mince - 01:09
02. Isayama Is A Fascist Pig - 00:54
03. Rum Raisin Daisuki - 01:53
04. Moe: Again? - 01:53
05. Stench of Unwashed Con-goers - 00:33
06. You Are My Nakama (Bonds Stronger than Friendship) - 00:53
07. It's a Q.U.A.L.I.T.Y. Anime! - 01:00
08. Moe Moe Kyun - 01:12
09. People Die When They Are Killed - 01:19
10. Power Of Anime - 00:51
11. Pathetic? - 01:04
12. Mincing Cabbages - 01:29
13. Hey Astolfo ("Trap" Is A Slur) - 00:27
14. Glomping is Violence (Clean the Cons) - 01:13
15. Let's Keijo!!!!!!!! - 01:30
16. Houkago Grind Time Cares - 01:30