Nouveau titre pour AYAN projet Folk Metal Mongol de Naqin Art (PIG CAGE)

Ayan, le projet Folk Metal mongol de Naqin Art (Pig Cage) vient de dévoiler un nouveau titre. Composé et enregistré en Mai dernier après une gueule de bois, le titre est un hommage triste aux minorités culturelles de la Mongolie-Intérieure, la partie mongole de la Chine.

Le musicien explique : "Hangover again, I wanted to listen to someone else's score only to find that the song had been completed. This folk band still insists on myself because there is no one else, thanks to the cooperation of the Morin khuur player Wang Xin and the help of my master Liu of S.C.O.D. This is a sad song about the ethnic minorities in Inner Mongolia, just like I insisted on drinking 12 bottles of Tsingtao beer every day for 3 years and still did not win the first prize Golden Bing Dun Dun, this is all an illusion. Tired and full of tears. ".

Intitulé "无名英雄 unsung hero" il se découvre ci-dessous :