Détails et extrait du premier V.E.I.N.

Le one-man band de Black Metal US, V.E.I.N. sortira son premier album Blood Oaths le 14 Octobre prochain via Eternal Death. Il sera disponible au format numérique et LP 12". Découvrez un premier extrait ci-dessous avec le titre "Malign Blood Oath".

Le label décrit l'album comme massif, hypnotique et bestial : "At last, it is here, bearing the ominous title Blood Oaths. Hideous and hulking and massively hypnotic, on first listen do V.E.I.N. here exhibit traits of the bestial black metal idiom: gnawing surge, blood-gurgling intensity, minimal-is-maximal songwriting. Splitting hairs, perhaps, but Blood Oaths bears far more semblance to the old gods VON rather than all those who follow the oath of black blood: incessantly pounding mid-paced blastbeats, hypnotic repetition of simple-yet-powerful motifs, and bestial vocals echoing from the void all get warped and malformed with mesmerizing, malefic ease. Which is all to say that V.E.I.N. seeks the far (and frightening) corners of psychedelic experience, immersing themselves in a delirium of dread and utter madness. So, while Blood Oaths does maintain the martial hammering of so much bestial metal, the lysergic layering of haunting soundbites as well as torched-to-fuck FX brings a kaleidoscopic element into an otherwise-monochromatic artform. Or, perhaps this is the sound of bestial metal at its most smacked-out..."

Tracklist :

01. Total Vascular Collapse
02. Malign Blood Oath
03. The Black Eye of Eibon
04. Banishment of Blood
05. L.S.D.
06. Sangre Libertad
07. Warlocks Witches and Demons (Kilslug cover)
08. Bloodstained Symmetry