Sortie et streaming intégral du nouveau LONE RUNNER

Le projet français de Synthwave, Lone Runner vient de sortir son nouvel album Memories of 82. Il se découvre en streaming intégral ci-dessous.

Voici comment l'artiste décrit ce nouvel opus, inspiré par ses années lycée, ses premiers amours et ses découvertes musicales de l'époque : "A new album for me is two years of research, testing, ugly stuff, beautiful stuff... This time I went to an Ambient project. I have dark thoughts in me that only calm down with music. However, there are also a lot of melodies and harmonies that come out when I compose. It was not compatible with my Dark Ambient project. Summer came early, I live near the sea and the light is so beautiful that my dark thoughts have flown away. So I took some of my melodic pieces to finalize them. I wanted to compose short, soft and scintillating pieces with a touch of melancholy. This is how the Memories Of 1982 project was born. In 1982 I was in high school and it was, for me, the year of great amorous emotions. Between intense happiness and the deepest sadness. But 1982 was also a year of musical revelation. This is where I got my first synthesizers. The song titles are very "déjà vu". I wanted to use simple words and pay tribute to the artists I love by taking titles from their songs." 

Tracklist :

01. Memories of 82 - 01:54 
02. Meet Elaine Darling - 02:31 
03. Is This Love ? - 03:38
04. Two Hearts - 03:52 
05. Heat Wave - 03:59 
06. Sunset Shores - 02:08 
07. Children Of The Night - 02:51 
08. Endless Summer - 03:16 
09. P O O L R O O M - 06:07