Détails et extrait du prochain GONEMAGE

Le groupe US de Black Metal / Chiptune, Gonemage vient d'annoncer la sortie de son nouvel et troisième album, Handheld Demise pour le 30 septembre prochain. Il sera disponible aux formats K7 via WereGnome Records et Xenoglossy Productions ainsi qu'en LP chez Fiadh Productions et digital.

L'album regroupera de (très) nombreux guests dont Déhà, Mirai (Sigh), J Kerr (Pyrithe), Brendan Sloan (Altars), Brandon Elkins (An Evening Redness), Giuseppe Emanuele Frisone (Thecodontion) etc. 

Voici l'histoire et les inspirations qui ont influencé la création de ce nouvel album : "Handheld Demise portrays Galimgim's brief reconnection with The Curator and a deeper look into the purgatory-like dream realm known as Delirium. 'Disdainful Stroke' begins with him finding her tending to this realm where lost souls have become stuck in their dreams, suffering recurring nightmares and completely unaware they are stuck. Despite his well-intentioned reunion, she quickly senses a profound change in him, disappointed that the mystical paintbrush has corrupted him with power. She attempts to retrieve the brush, but his grip and unwavering attachment has grown too strong. From this power struggle, she impetuously resorts to casting a banishing spell on him to focus on her mission in Delirium, wistfully knowing this may come back to haunt her.
The rest of Handheld Demise is inspired by old survival horror games, handheld RPGs, and what's known as a "monster of the week" format typically depicted in horror and sci-fi series. These songs are based on recurring nightmares that were submitted to me for adaptation, with some songs containing multiple nightmare sequences. Each one is adapted within the confinements of Delirium as manifestations while The Curator attempts to fight them off and subdue them in her bag of holding.

Meanwhile, Galimgim finds himself in a forgotten and neglected realm (for the next album) in Astral Corridors. "

Un premier extrait se découvre ci-dessous, il s'agit du titre "Stairwell of Gore and the Faceless Apparition".

Tracklist :

01. Disdainful Stroke - 03:23
02. Father Time's Grandfather Clock - 03:50
03. Weaponless Scream, Laughter Unseen - 02:19
04. Stairwell of Gore and the Faceless Apparition - 02:43
05. The Suffering and Endurance - 03:38
06. Slowly I Watch the Shockwave - 03:54
07. The Smelting Madman - 02:43
08. Stranded in the Menace of Water - 01:02
09. The Equation to Levitation and the Chase of the Blood Feast - 02:39
10. Hallways Endlessly Resetting, Corpse Slide Wetting - 03:01
11. Dahan-dahang Nagpapababa - 03:04
12. Chase of the Daemon Glow - 05:05
13. From Walls to Woods - 05:28