Sortie et streaming intégral du premier JUSTICE

Le groupe japonais Justice vient de sortir son premier album éponyme via [...]dotsmark. Ce projet mêle Black Metal, Noise, Hardcore, musique Expérimental ainsi que le nagauta, une forme de chant long utilisé dans la musique japonaise traditionnelle. Il est généralement utilisé dans le théâtre kabuki et la danse classique (buyō) pour l'accompagnement.

Le label introduit le projet : "ENDON(Blacksmoker,Daymare,Hydra Head,Thrill Jockey)'s frontman Taichi Nagura,a shamisen player of traditional Japanese nagauta music,and a guitarist known as one of the best noise players in the contemporary Tokyo underground Gojiro Sakamoto,
an artist as know as creating and presenting their works in various places and forms based on screenprints, including paint on the walls of Shibuya's PARCO,Yuichiro Tamaki.

These three-person project “JUSTICE", done completed 1st album whose first album has been rumored to be in the works for several years. The first album is a true extreme art that melts the boundaries of black metal/noise/hardcore/experimental, romanticism and hardboiled, and extreme emotion with guitar and voice! Standard edition 16-page book digipak. Complete limited special binding edition is only available for label distribution."

Découvrez l'album en streaming intégral ci-dessous accompagné de l'artwork.

Tracklist :

01. Presenting a different identification もう一つの身分証の提示 - 06:07
02. DESTINY SNITCH - 運命への密告 - 02:32
03. SPATIAL THEORY OF MIND -心の空間論 - 02:16
04. MIDNIGHT PANTOMIME- 真夜中のパントマイム - 03:45
05. "SECRET GARDEN- 秘密の園" - 02:35
06. UNLOVED -愛されざる者 - 03:33
07. THE LAST CRUSADE ON EARTH -地球最後の戦い - 06:30