FAZI (法兹) dévoile son nouvel album et un film l'accompagnant

Le groupe chinois de Krautrock / Post-Punk FAZI (法兹) vient de sortir son nouvel album Folding Story (折叠故事). Découvrez le en streaming intégral ci-dessous ainsi qu'au travers d'un moyen-métrage expérimental réalisé par Jin Shien, qui utilise les 10 morceaux comme une pièce unique. 

L'album nous conte l'histoire d'une personne ordinaire depuis sa naissance, son évolution, sa fuite et sa recherche de son chemin de vie : "All stories have beautiful beginnings, I started my adventures from my mother’s womb, curious about the world. Feelings of inferiority as a child made me ashamed to express myself, I became sharp-edged and lonely. Growing up I chased after desire and tried to figure out love; I often felt confused. I felt like a foreign matter in my own throat, one that I could not cough out or swallow. I’ve had many dreams, although I don’t believe that they can all come true, I will still make wishes.
Slowly I’ve come to realize that I’m trying to find the way to myself. No one can point me in a direction, no one knows how or where; not even my mother, father, lovers, friends, or wise men.
Heel after toe, I continue to go forward, eyes like blazing torches. The landscape is retreating, there is anger, pain, sadness, and conceit, I let go of that part of myself, but I won’t forget.
Glad you can hear these ten stories."

Découvrez, l'album et le film ci-dessous.

Tracklist :

01. Invisible Water 假水 - 04:16
02. Eye in the Sky 带上我的眼睛 - 04:36 
03. Beautiful Teeth 牙齿碰撞 - 02:33 
04. Never say Forever 永远不要说永远 - 04:48 
05. Silence 无声 - 01:48 
06. Body / Mind / Soul 身体与想象的距离 - 04:41 
07. Vigil 守夜 - 04:51 
08. Delingha 冷山 - 05:45 
09. Died in Wind 热死荒梁 - 04:34 
10. Way to Atman 灯塔 - 06:17