Sortie et streaming intégral du premier OUT OF PITY

Le groupe de Neocrust / Black Metal colombien Out Of Pity vient de sortir son premier album NIX. Il se découvre en intégralité ci-dessous.

Le groupe explique ce qui les a poussé à écrire cet album : "One day a virus locked up all humanity , afraid of disappearing, that day we decided to die consuming drugs, suffering from psychedelia and ruin before falling into the same misery that tormented the world, the disgusting life gave us the opportunity to fight one more day, and this time we do not overlook no adverse situation that we suffer, without god, without law, without order, against all ''ism'' against all segregation forms and all mechanism of power."

Tracklist :

01. La muerte del ouroboros - 02:29
02. Fuego en las manos equivocadas - 03:33 
03. Out Of Pity - 05:19 
04. Dictaduras de depresión - 05:34 
05. Hice Algo Mal? - 04:29 
06. XIII - 05:54 
07. eScatology - 04:56