Sorti du nouvel OH HIROSHIMA et d'un nouvel extrait

Le groupe de Post-Rock suédois, Oh Hiroshima vient de sortir son nouvel album Myriad via Napalm Records.

Il a été enregistré par Kristian Karlsson (pg.lost, Cult Of Luna), une fois de plus le mixage te le mastering ont été réalisé par Magnus Lindberg de Cult Of Luna.

L'album est décrit comme un mélange d'émotions passant de la tristesse infinie à des moments de clarté : "It’s a mixture of emotions – from infinite sadness to moments of clarity, and heart-rending melodies blending into a rumbling volcano of aesthetic noise and a ferocious power, but also the unique use of trumpets, cello and trombones throughout – that sees OH HIROSHIMA outclass and grow renowned not only in post-rock circles but beyond. Every track stands out from the others, while the band incorporates a lot more influences from different genres than they’ve done previously. Now being a duo since early 2021, after former bassist Simon Forsberg left the band, surely had a major impact on their new album‘s process but also a challenging chance to step up their songwriting game. There is still a lot of post-rock on Myriad, but it seems the brothers Jakob Hemström and Oskar Nilsson managed to kick down the creative walls of the band and made use of a much broader musical palette."

Découvrez ci-dessous un troisième extrait avec le clip d'"Ascension" qui fait suite à "Humane" et "All Things Pass".

Tracklist :

01. Nour 
02. Veil of Certainty 
03. All Things Pass 
04. Ascension 
05. Humane 
06. Tundra 
07. Hidden Chamber