Noise de KANONENFIEBER dévoile un titre en soutient à l'Ukraine

Le multi-instrumentiste Noise (Kanonenfieber, Leiþa, Non Est Deus) vient de dévoiler un titre sous le même nom que son label, Noisebringer. Il explique que tous les bénéfices de ce titre intitulé "Stop The War " seront reversés à l'association d'aide humanitaire Caritas Emergency Aid - Ukraine.

Voici le communiqué : "This song was written with the intention to raise awareness of the horrific conflict Ukraine is facing right before our eyes at this very moment.

All proceeds generated by "Stop the War" will be donated.
On Bandcamp you will have the option to donate money which will then be collected and transferred to the charity organisation "Caritas Emergency Aid - Ukraine". We try to make this as transparent as possible.

Please understand that this song was not written for promotion purposes or to leech off of the anguish and pain of others by any means!
We simply want to acknowledge our solidarity and hope to play a part in helping by raising funds and awareness.
The absence of our logo on the coverartwork is symbolic to our intention to not cash in on a tragic situation.

Please, spread awareness. It is our duty to end this war and prevent further anguish and suffering in Ukrainian and Russian society.

Furthermore we would like to make it clear that we don't support any political agendas whatsoever. This war could have been settled by negotiations and diplomatic acts."

Le morceau se découvre ci-dessous :