ERANG dévoile cinq nouveaux albums à l'occasion de ses 10 ans !

Erang vient de dévoiler à l'occasion de ses 10 ans cinq nouveaux albums ! Ils composent The Land Of The Five Season et se découvrent en streaming intégral ci-dessous.

Voici la description de ces cinq saisons :

"the Land of the Five Seasons.
A SEASON OF FROST is dedicated to Old School Dungeon Synth & dusty demo tapes from the past.
A SEASON OF LEAVES is dedicated to the Epic & Medieval Atmospheric Black Metal influences from Summoning & Bathory.
A SEASON OF SAND is dedicated to the New Age & meditative World Music aspects of Dungeon Synth.
A SEASON OF BLOOM is dedicated to the idyllic folky strings and 90's fantasy RPG midi music.
A SEASON OF MAGIC is dedicated to the more experimental, ambient & etheral chants of Dungeon Synth.
The Kingdom is Ours my friends... and Imagination Never Fails!"