Sortie et streaming intégral du second DESPAIR

Le one-man band de DSBM chinois, Despair vient de sortir son second album 始离终断 via Pest Production. Il est disponible au format CD et Box 2xCDs limitée à 100ex.

Le label décrit le projet : "Despair is one of the most recent new comers among Chinese DSBM scene. Hailing from Urumuqi, Xinjiang, Despair was founded by its sole member D. in 2018. Like Trist, Austere and other pioneers, Despair possesses all the classic elements of the early 2000s DSBM gloden bloom: from mournful shrieks, razor sharp tones, and grievous melodicism, as well as some touches of Post BM ambience."

Découvrez l'album en streaming intégral ci-dessous.

Tracklist :

01. 消逝 - 09:01
02. 暗 - 05:30
03. 一切 - 09:55
04. say goodbye to the past - 09:55
05. 绝望 - 07:49