Sortie et streaming intégral du premier 簡諧點源 (HARMONESE)

Le duo chinois d'Electro / DarkSynth 簡諧點源 (Harmonese) vient de sortir son premier album 電子歌劇 (Electropera). Il se découvre en streaming intégral ci-dessous ainsi qu'en téléchargement libre.

Voici l'histoire que conte cet opéra électronique : "Juhong, 2176 A.D. Darkness descends. A meteor shot over the pitch-dark winter night. Two figures appeared in shadows where the spot lamps failed to illuminate. You are voyaging at the bottom of the metropolis. The digital setting sun took away the last pieces of different color from the world of steel. Drops of rain plays an endless symphony on the grounds of a night-light city. You can't touch the strangers around you as whom you call "comrades", but it seems that you are all looking forward to something. An opera of electrons started. Puppets, underworld, machines, corporations, technology, rebellion, music and you, plays this chapter."

Le sublime artwork est signé MHDR & 概率雲實體.

Tracklist :

01. 從2176到2021 - 06:41 
02. 蒸汽機擎 - 08:49 
03. 幻象帝國 (With 白木) - 06:28 
04. 降臨太陽園 - 04:58 
05. 日落時 - 05:46 
06. 凌雲角逐賽 - 04:06 
07. 罪惡豐碑 - 04:55 
08. 對決 - 07:13 
09. 電子歌劇主題 - 05:22 
10. 環繞者阿梅妮西婭與時光機1號 - 05:42