Nouveaux morceaux et clip pour THE REBEL RIOT

Le groupe de Punk Hardcore birman, The Rebel Riot vient de dévoiler un nouveau clip pour "United forever + Woman Are The Front". Ce dernier composé de deux nouveaux morceaux marque les 1 ans du début de la révolution après la prise de pouvoir des militaires en Birmanie.

Voici le communiqué : "Today marks the one-year anniversary of the beginning of the Spring Revolution. On February 1, 2021, the military seized power, leaving the entire population in mourning and anger. From then on, the flames of the revolution began to burn within days, and a mass uprising began on February 6. This is especially true of factory leaders and more than 3,000 women workers. Since then, anti-military protests have erupted across the country. Students,Old and young people , Housewives and Every citizen started to take part in anti-military movements.
As the movement gained momentum, the military dictatorship continued to resort to various forms of repression. Terrorist arrests, torture and killings continue to plague the lives of innocent young people. Many lives were sacrificed and families were torn apart. Lives were ruined all over the country. However, the anti-military movement, no matter how oppressive, has not stopped and is gaining momentum. Due to the unity, the military council has not yet achieved its desired goal. As a result, the February 1 movement (until the one-year anniversary of the coup) was still in full swing.
Our song is about the leaders of the workers who started the uprising on February 6. More than 3,000 women workers and women on the front lines; We are posting today because we want to pay tribute to every comrade who fought for unity. We are worth to creat this if our music give the comrades a little bit of morale. In Solidarity!!!
Respectfully bow to all revolutionary comrades !!
Long live the revolution.
Let the dictatorship end ....
May a new and better society emerge."