Détails et extrait du prochain AL-NAMROOD

Le projet saoudien de Black / Folk Metal, Al-Namrood sortira le successeur de Wala'at (2020) le 29 Avril prochain via Shaytan Productions. Il s'intitule Worship the Degenerate et sera disponible au format CD, Lp et digital.

Al-Namrood explique le concept deriere ce nouvel album : "The idea of worshiping centers at fulfilling the need of superior and inferior. In human nature context, and as noted in Alfred Adler book “The Neurotic Constitution” Individuals with superiority complex typically come across as supercilious, haughty, and disdainful toward others. It makes sense to design this world based on distribution of power, makes everyone in check with their goals, the superior to get glorification that empower them, the inferior fill the feeling of inadequacy and deficiency and get the sense of security. But if all of that part of systemic structure? What if the superior is not actually superior and the superior was created by the existence of inferior? And the inferior was created based on distribution of power? Worship the degenerate album address this concept from the extreme music perspective. However, it is still not known if the divine superiority is established based on super powers and endless existence rather than actual need of the labeled inferior."

Découvrez un premier extrait ci-dessous avec le titre "Geurillas".

Tracklist :

01. Protector of the Herd
02. Worship the Degenerate
03. Geurillas
04. Sun of Liberation
05. Eclipse
06. Free Will