Détails et extrait du premier NIGHT BEHEADED

Le projet de RABM / Drone / Dark Ambient, Night Beheaded sortira son premier album Enter Earth le 4 Mars prochain via le label franco-allemand créé par Rob Bees Fisk (Common Eider King Eider, Egregore, Curse All Kings) et Yan Arexis (La Breiche, Stille Volk, Coume Ouarnède etc...), Breath Sun Bone Blood. Il sera disponible au format CD et K7.

Le label décrit ce projet comme Primitif. Brut. Hallucinatoire. : "But what places Night Beheaded apart, is its unique organic phrasing, almost as if the music were inhaling and exhaling, like watching a sleeping animal breathe in moonlight. The guitar phrases expand and contract with complete autonomy….
[...] This is hallucinatory black metal. This is anarchistic and apocalyptic witchcraft black metal that celebrates chaos and offers oneself and one’s intentions to the void. This music demands participation. It demands an accomplice. Lyrical content was derived by divinatory means using “Baedan – A Queer Journal of Heresy” and “Against His-Story, Against Leviathan!” by Freddy Perlman. From our imposed separation from the animal world, to welcoming ancestral guidance, to inversion practices in order to dismantle capitalism and patriarchy – magickal attack is written and spoken between the lines and imagination and action encouraged. This is harrowing and utterly brutal antifascist black metal."

Découvrez un premier extrait ci-dessous avec le titre "I".

Tracklist :

01. I
02. II
03. III
04. IV
05. V