Un nouvel extrait du prochain PURE WRATH

Le one-man band de Black Metal indonésien Pure Wrath sortira son troisième album, Hymn To The Woeful Hearts, successeur de l'EP The Forlorn Soldier sorti en 2020 le 18 Février prochain via Debemur Morti Productions. 

La pochette a été réalisée par l'artiste Aghy Purakusuma (Numen, Dusk in Silence, Disevared etc...).

Januaryo Hardy, le multi-instrumentiste derière le projet explique le concept de l'artwork : "Losing loved ones is painful, especially if they died tragically. For more than fifty years, a mother has to fight all the urges of revenge while being left behind with endless questions. Once again, cover artist Aghy Purakusuma perfectly translates the story in a heart-wrenching way, portraying the mother's struggle during years of living dangerously under the shadows of the tyrant. To stand on her weak legs and walk through the rest of the darkest years in her life, letting all the memories of a home she called 'family' burn down to ashes. This album portrays one of hundreds of tragic stories that may have never been told or brought to the surface, with hope for the recent generation to open their eyes and look for justice."

Un second extrait est à découvrir ci-dessous avec le titre "Presages From A Restless Soul " qui fait suite à  "The Cloak Of Disquiet". 

Tracklist :

01. The Cloak Of Disquiet 
02. Years Of Silence 
03. Presages From A Restless Soul 
04. Footprints Of The Lost Child 
05. Those Who Stand Still 
06. Hymn To The Woeful Hearts