Streaming intégral du prochain DUSK

Les pionniers du Doom Metal pakistanais, Dusk sont de retour avec un nouvel album intitulé, Imaginary Dead. Le premier depuis Contrary Beliefs sorti en 2006. Cet opus disponible en digital et streaming intégral sortira prochainement au format CD via Cyclopean Eye Productions. En attendant découvrez le ci-dessous en intégralité.

Le label retrace rapidement le parcours de ce projet : "Dusk was born in Karachi Pakistan as the brainchild of Babar Sheikh in 1995, then known as Carcinogenic. Sighting Black Sabbath, Death, Celtic Frost as early influences the band recorded and released their first demo ‘Casketize’ the same year. The year 1996 saw the release of the ‘Where Dreams Bleed’ demo tape featuring an altered approach with a heavier leaning to the death and doom style. This year also marked the beginning of long-term partnership between Sheikh and renowned Pakistani guitar virtuoso Faraz Anwar. Newly signed with Portuguese extreme metal label Hibernia Productions, the duo began recording for what would become the debut full length ‘My Infinite Nature Alone’ releasing worldwide in 1999 December.

7 solid releases and 2 decades under their belt, Babar’s heavy engagement in a two year long writing process led to the realization of the new Dusk full length titled 'Imaginary Dead'. Returning to the Dusk drummer mantle is Halim (Tremor ov Kaos of Impiety) and welcoming long time comrade Mike Bloodcurse (Illemauzar) on bass to the ranks, and guest appearances from both metal and the non-metal artists community"

Tracklist :

01. Ancient Shattered Moon - 06:01
02. Inanimate Reflections - 04:16
03. Like a Candle Flame, Ceaseless - 02:08
04. Elgengrau - 08:03
05. Deconstructing Desire - 06:48
06. Monochromatically Reimagined - 05:39
07. Identity's Burden - 07:08
08. Twilight Morse Code - 05:42
09. Ancient Shattered Moon (Alt Mix) - 06:01