STREET CLEANER dévoile sa cover Darksynth "Transilvanian Hunger" de DARKTHRONE

Le projet de Darksynth US, Street Cleaner vient de dévoiler sa reprise du mythique "Transilvanian Hunger" de Darkthrone.

L'artiste explique : "Transilvanian Hunger is unarguably the quintessential Black Metal song. Over a decade of Black Metal had lead to the ultimate Black Metal Anthem and since the songs release it has been covered by everyone from System of a Down to Gregorian Chant, but the covers that inspired me most were by Gehenna and A Space Love Adventure. They each took a unique memorable approach to the song and both made it uniquely their own. This, my, cover is a homage to not just the original but these two fantastic tributes as well. "

Découvrez la ci-dessous :