Sortie et streaming intégral du premier DEADTREES

Le one-man band chinois de Depressive Black Metal Atmosphérique, Deadtrees vient de sortir son premier album No One Knows Who Has Been to This World via Pest Productions. Il se découvre en streaming intégral ci-dessous.

Voici le communiqué du label : "Birth, breath, breed, bleed, the weakness of living beings, the destiny of all those fed by the milk and blood so unconditionally, or perhaps insensitively, bequeathed by the breasts of this earth, overflowed life forces thrive like multiplying beehive-shaped cells, then vanish into the cycle of entropic void --- Order or Disorder, no one knows who has been to this world.
DeadTrees' long-awaited debut full length manage to capture this desolate fate of earthly creatures with 7 songs of apocalyptic bleakness merging both the intoxicating melodies and ambience of blackgaze and the bludgeoning sludgy post metal riffs. Hailing from Lanzhou, this one-man project was founded by mmm back in 2018. After almost 4 years of experimenting, DeadTrees finally create a rather matured and unique sound in his debut full length that full of moments reminiscent of East Asian post-black metal classics."

L'artwork est signé Dollybluehound. Pour le mixag et le mastering ils ont été confiés à ORIORS. 

Tracklist :

01. Befall - 03:55
02. Order - 07:31
03. No One Knows Who Has Been to This World - 06:38
04. Desire and Death Inherent in the Universe - 08:02
05. Increase of Entropy - 07:24
06. JF1 (remix) - 07:39
07. Standing of BDO - 07:03