NEGATOR annonce la fin du groupe et sort un dernier EP

Le groupe de Black Metal allemand, Negator vient d'annoncer simultanément la fin de la formation et la sortie de leur dernier EP, LVX HÆRESIS. Ce dernier devait sortir au format physique mais le Covid et des erreurs du label ont fait que Negator a finalement décidé de le sortir que numériquement.

Voici le communiqué :

"Brothers and sisters,

as you know, in March of this year we announced the closure of the Circle. This was unfortunately accompanied by the cancellation of the last ritual, which was scheduled for June 2021. The latter circumstance was due to the still ongoing pandemic. What you don't know is that we had planned to release a 7" EP under the name "LUX HÆRESIS" as a farewell. We already recorded this at the beginning of this year and also had a contract with an Austrian pressing plant to deliver the 7" EP "in time". Then came the PVC shortage and we were told that we would not get the EP until November 2021....

A few days ago we received the message that said pressing plant, due to complete incompetence, never ordered the 7" EP internally, despite multiple written confirmation of deadlines with us, and if we still wanted the EP, we would have to wait another 20 weeks.

You can imagine that this is not in our interest and that we have been waiting way too long. So here it is, in digital form, our farewell.

Praise the light of heresy!

Praise the homecoming!

Praise the sun of a new dawn!

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Tracklist :

01. Heimkehr - 05:43
02. Sun of a New Dawn - 07:35