Détails et extrait du second UNTAMED LAND

Le one-man band US de Black Metal épique et atmosphérique, Untamed Land sortira son second album Like Creatures Seeking Their Own Forms le 8 Octobre prochain via Napalm Records.

L'album puise ses inspirations autant dans les classique du Black Metal épique et atmosphérique que les bandes originales d'Ennio Morricone et des Westerns Spaghettis. Découvrez un premier extrait ci-dessous avec le titre "Clothed in Smoke".

Le multi-instrumentiste du projet, Patrick Kern explique les inspirations de ce titre : "This song is probably the one most similar to the ‘epic’ atmospheric black metal approach taken by bands such as Summoning and Caladan Brood, but lots of other strains found their way in, such as doom metal, minimalism, and European/Celtic folk music. The title of the track, like the title of the album itself, is a phrase from McCarthy's novel ‘Blood Meridian’, one of the darker western stories out there, and it perfectly fits the foreboding and mounting dread the music seeks to express."

Tracklist :

01. Once Upon a Time in the Kenoma - 03:01
02. A Nameless Shape - 13:59 
03. Clothed in Smoke - 09:49 
04. The Heavenly Coil - 15:15 
05. Achamōth - 03:31 
06. A Nameless Shape (short version) - 07:53 
07. The Heavenly Coil (short version) - 07:21