Nouveau titre et clip pour AMENRA

Le groupe belge de Doom Sludge / Hardcore, Amenra sortira son nouvel album De doorn le 25 Juin prochain via Relapse Records. Il sera disponible aux formats CD, LP, K7 et digital. Un second extrait se découvre ci-dessous au travers d'un clip, il s'agit du titre "Voor Immer". Ce dernier fait suite à "De Evenmens" qui été également accompagné d'un clip réalisé par Dehn Sora, il s'agit du titre "De Evenmens".

Le groupe explique que ce nouvel album tiens une place à part dans leur travail entre l'enregistrement studio et live pour parler du deuil et du poids de l'histoire et de la guerre de leur région : "Written for the purpose of that rite, De Doorn (‘The Thorn’) occupies a place between AMENRA’s recorded and live work, less a testimony to the band’s individual bereavements, more an invitation for others to come forward, and to pass through darkness into light. Where the Mass albums have taken the form of solitary struggles whose fearless honesty has aligned itself to the most intrinsically human of chords, the dynamics of De Doorn are as stricken by destiny as ever, but sonically looser. Guided to a lesser extent by the band’s characteristically immense, behind-the-beat traction, it’s more lush, immersive, steeped in sonorous, cathedral-echo ambiences amplified to the point of static-infected instability and carrying passages of deeply intimate spoken-word that feel like being drawn in to the most hallowed of confidences. Its themes of dialogue and the passing of knowledge are echoed in the combined vocals of Colin and Oathbreaker’s Caro Tanghe. Her spectral presence on the opening Ogentroost acts as both counterpoint and complement to Colin’s stricken howl as the song cycles between enervation and helplessly compelled momentum. Their whispered devotions in the following, vast, hallowed atmospheres of De Dood In Bloei leave you feeling as though you’re bearing witness to the most private of conversations.

The first AMENRA album to be sung entirely in Flemish, De Doorn imparts a universal power by digging deep into local customs. Not just allowing for a greater range of expression through the intimacy, allowances and layers of meaning granted by your native tongue, it takes inspiration from Flemish forms such as Kleinkunst, a folk-based musical wave driven by storytelling, and the passing of wisdom through generations. Yet as with every AMENRA release, De Doorn is an act of observance that recognises the path travelled by fully experiencing the moment, as a rite of consummation, reckoning and deliverance. That state of transition is exemplified in the closing Vor Immer, a hushed, plaintively wracked coda that bursts into newborn, world-in-your eyes transfiguration where sheer, sense flooding experience becomes a blazing threshold where rupture and rapture become one.


01. Ogentroost 
02. De Dood In Bloei 
03. De Evenmens 
04. Het Gloren 
05. Voor Immer