Sortie et streaming intégral de la second démo de THE SUNS JOURNEY THROUGH THE NIGHT

Le projet de Raw Black Metal chaotique et cathartique anglais, The Suns Journey Through The Night vient de sortir sa seconde démo sobrement intitulé DEMO II. L'album est sorti au format digital et K7, découvrez le streaming intégral ci-dessous.

Voici la description de l'album : "This is the second demo to be released by The Suns Journey Through The Night, and the first since the fall of The Godless Tyrant, and the rise of The Shadow of God. 

This demo gives a glimpse in to the future of the project, while keeping the blend of raw black metal and ambience that has become the hallmark of TSJTTN, it pushes the contrast further, while also looking back at the slower, more epic sounds of the first demo."

Tracklist :

01. Clawing at The Gates of Heaven - 07:06 
02. Saturns Moon Devouring its Children - 19:45 
03. Aeons of Suffering For a Bleeding God (The Beginning) - 12:18