Sortie et streaming intégral du nouveau KEYS OF ORTHANC

Le duo de Black Metal atmosphérique et épique canadien, Keys Of Orthanc a sorti son nouvel album Of the Lineage of King le 5 Février dernier via Naturmacht Productions. Il est disponible au format Digipack, A5 Digipack, LP 12", K7 et digital.

"A Last Alliance between the Kingdom of Men and the Kingdom of the Elves will be forged and an Oath was sworn before the all High to face the ever-growing forces of evil.
The sword that was once will be forged again and the prophecy of a coming king will be fulfilled and so shall the rightful king be known."

Découvrez le en streaming intégral ci-dessous.

Tracklist :

01. Of the Lineage of Kings
02. Shards of Narcil
03. Her Mighty Heart
04. To the Paths of the Dead
05. The Last Alliance
06. King of the Reunited Kingdom
07. I've Seen the Dragons Fly
08. Book of the Fallen (Caladan Brood Cover, on cd & tape as hidden song)