Réédition de l'EP culte de GODKILLER !

Le label Peaceville vient d'annoncer la réédition LP de The Rebirth of the Middle Ages, premier EP du one-man band monégasque Godkiller ! Cet EP de pure Black Metal Médiéval est sorti en 1996 chez Wounded Love Records et avait déjà été réédité par AOP Records en 2012, mais il est désormais introuvable à un prix décent. 

Communiqué du label :

"Though initially more a Death Metal inspired act in the formative years, Godkiller quickly evolved into a project fully engulfed in the spirit of 1990s black Metal, bringing to mind acts like Emperor and Satyricon for the implementation of strong atmospherics, though on later releases Godkiller incorporated more industrial and electronic elements into the compositions as part of its creative evolution.
The Rebirth of the Middle Ages was originally released in 1996, and is a prime example of finely crafted, grandiose yet raw Black Metal of the times, following on from the strong groundwork of 1995's demo, The Warlord, and even incorporating music from that release, with anti-Christian themes prevalent throughout and an overall concept of the battle between good and evil.
With a cold, stripped down production, plus triumphantly dark yet epic riffs mixed with tortured vocals and highly effective synthesizer melodies, the EP evokes a strong Medieval atmosphere throughout, showing why The Rebirth of the Middle Ages is still highly regarded as a glorious touch of darkness from the past."

Cette nouvelle édition a été remasterisée par Duke Satanaël lui même. Il sortira le 14 Mai prochain. 

Tracklist : 

A :

01. Hymn For The Black Knights 
02. From The Castle In The Fog 
03. Path To The Unholy Frozen Empire 

B : 

01. Blood On My Swordblade 
02. The Neverending Reign Of The Black Knights