Sortie physique du dernier EP de WAKE

Après avoir sorti son EP Confluence au format digital le 20 Octobre dernier, le groupe de Black Death / Grind / Crust canadien, Wake verra cet EP sortir au format LP le 15 Janvier prochain via Translation Loss Records. Découvrez le en streaming intégral ci-dessous. 

"This short poem that I saw in the Indianapolis Public Library has always stuck with me because of the great truth it holds. Time goes by faster than we realize. I chose New Year's Day as the release date for these songs because it fits so well with the theme of these songs. We will all set goals and look forward to a new year but soon we'll notice how fast time has passed since we entered this new year and think back to what we've done with this blank canvas known as time. Let these songs remind you that your time is precious and valuable, don't lose track of time."

L'artwork est signé Nathalie Ericson. 


01. Disparity and Chaos - 11:41 
02. Beyond Empyrean - 06:24 
03. Entropic Cascade Failure - 05:07