Streaming intégral du premier VITRIOLIC SAGE

Le one-man band de Black Metal chinois, Vitriolic Sage sortira d'ici la fin de l'année son premier EP via le label Pest Productions. Il s'intitule Enlightenment et s'inspire de la vague Black Metal norvégienne et des maître du genre que sont Emperor, Mayhem, et Immortal

Découvrez le en streaming ci-dessous. 

Commentaire du label : "Furious snowstorm as the embodiment of the enlightening force unleashed from the deep chasm of the Northern soil, fiends disguised as hermits preaching their freezing breath onto those ignorant flocks. With all the materials accumulated till this date, Vitriolic Sage manages to summon the old spirits of North through glacial melancholy. Rooted in Norwegian second wave black metal and highly influenced by Nordic legends like Emperor, Mayhem, and Immortal, while exploring themes of death, philosophy, history and religion, Vitriolic Sage is a one-man project found by Ningbo-based J.L in early 2020. The band has already put out a demo, which will be released as an ep titled Enlightenment. Bleak melodies intertwining with classic Scandinavian black metal riffs of valor, combing with razor-sharp howling vocals, these seven tracks (with 1 bonus track) constitute as a grandiose self-reflection of nature's dark philosophy.

Tracklist :

01. Chanson De Raison - 06:48 
02. Mire - 03:45 
03. Reminiscence - 01:51 
04. Ignorance - 04:34 
05. Chanson Des Émotions - 05:31 
06. Chanson De Raison (Instrumental Demo Version) - 06:48