Sortie et streaming intégral du nouveau ARAMID


Le projet de Cinematic Post-Rock instrumental US, Aramid vient de sortir son nouvel album Fading Light. Il se découvre en streaming intégral ci-dessous. 

L'album est accompagné d'une citation de Carl Sagan : "The reappearance of the crescent moon after the new moon; the return of the Sun after a total eclipse, the rising of the Sun in the morning after its troublesome absence at night were noted by people around the world; these phenomena spoke to our ancestors of the possibility of surviving death. Up there in the skies was also a metaphor of immortality.

Tracklist :

01. Arrival - 06:46
02. Find Warmth - 04:00
03. Before the Fading Light - 07:40
04. Always (Where Sea Meets Shore) - 05:00
05. Embrace - 06:06
06. After the Fall (Beneath the Stars) - 06:05
07. Home After Dark - 07:56
08. Endless, Eternal - 06:04