SARPARAST dévoile un titre hommage à Breonna Taylor

Le groupe de RABM américain Sarparast vient de dévoiler un titre hommage à Breonna Taylor, il s'intitule "An Uprising to Carry Your Names". Disponible en téléchargement libre, tous les dons iront à la fondation Louisville Community Bail Fund.

Breonna Taylor est une technicienne médicale d'urgence afro-américaine de 26 ans, elle a été tuée par balle par des agents du département de police du métro de Louisville. Voici le communiqué du groupe : "The failure of the so-called United States to deal with COVID-19 and the amplified suppression of Black relatives has spurred an unprecedented uprising. Sarparast stands in full solidarity with the awakening masses and all tactics they are using to combat both capitalists and the state which represents them.

We've seen the uprising of people for Black lives countless times before, throughout our lives and before our times. We wrote this track nearly two years ago, inspired by the continued resilience of our Black relatives. When choosing the cover art, we had in mind a few reasons: the last calls for the comfort of a mother, the young women taken from us too soon, and all the protectors of families that we stand alongside in our united struggles.

Because of social distancing, we are changing our plans from releasing a full-length, to sharing what we have already completed every few weeks. The role of the artist is to make revolution irresistible.

Towards abolition!
Towards decolonization!
Towards women’s liberation!
Towards communist revolution!"