Détails du projet collaboratif entre FELLWARDEN, OSI AND THE JUPITER, MOSAIC & BY THE SPIRITS

Fellwarden le projet solo de The Watcher (Fen, De Arma) est de retour avec un album collaboratif intitulé Songs of Origin and Spirit. Pour ce dernier, l'artiste a fait appel à Osi and the Jupiter, Mosaic et By the Spirits.

Il s'agit de quatre chemins qui mettent en évidence une expression différente de l'art de chaque groupe pour des errances uniques et singulières : "By the Spirits, Osi and the Jupiter, Mosaic, and Fellwarden, therefore, contribute four distinct pieces each that highlight a different expression of their art. All four approach their craft here to reinterpret their sound in a way that highlights that these artistic projects truly are about sincere expression rather than simply rehashing the same atmospheres time and again. These are songs that speak of yearning and of wandering – an embodiment of the truly meaningful aspects of existence that resonate within the very core of what makes us human."

Découvrez un premier extrait ci-dessous avec "Call of the Pikes".

Tracklist :

01. Call of the Pikes
02. A Journey Without End
03. Across the Wastwater
04. Sol in Descent